Why Are Math Word Problems So Important?

Math word problems are frequently used to gauge students’ ability to decipher pertinent information and also to assess students’ ability to use their analytical and mathematics skills to solve problems. Math word problems are often used to relate mathematics to real life situations. For instance, Physics applications, finance applications, Economics applications, surveying and other fields heavily rely on Mathematics.

Consequently, word problems appear in a lot of standardized exams as well as in everyday assignments that students face. Standardized exams like the SAT test love word problems since they can be used to integrate many fields of mathematics; and they are a higher order thinking assessment tools.

At Math Made Easy, expert tutors know how help students solve seemingly complicated word problems through an innovative approach to solving math word problems, as well as emphasis on tried and tested methods.

Math word problems are frequently Canadian math contest used in mathematics exams not only for reasons previously mentioned, but also because they are used to integrate many areas of mathematics in the same problem. An example would be a math word problem that tests a student’s knowledge of both Geometry and Algebra. Math Made Easy’s expert tutors are familiar with many strategies that help students achieve the capability to solve word problems.

While the enlisted strategies are different from topic to topic, tutors inform students of the importance of consistently writing down known and unknown quantities upon reading a word problem, underlining key words, and drawing charts. After doing so, students will also be tutored in the specific topics in mathematics with which the word problem is involved. After efficient, effective and in depth assistance in the specific topic of a word problem, students will be able to complete a problem and reach a satisfying solution.

The structure of Math Made Easy’s word problem help is identical to its homework help in general — and also when working with word problems for the SAT test and GRE test. Expert tutors know how to appeal to the learning styles of students in a way that will maximize the effectiveness of students in being able to draw out pertinent information in word problems and using their Mathematics skills to complete a solution for a word problem. Expert tutors are also good at relating word problems to real life and often offer students many options of visualization and/or relations of a particular problem.

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