Urge Incontinence – Should You See a Urologest Or a Plastic Surgeon?

Urge incontinence is the second most common form of incontinence and it can occur in both sexes although women tend to duffer from it more than men. Urge incontinence is just what the name implies, a desperate need to frequently urinate. With some people this may mean making a dozen trips to the bathroom daily.

There are several ways to try and deal with this including changing the pattern of your fluid intake, training your bladder, and exercise. If these techniques are not satisfactory, there are medications available as well.

However, there is a new technique that involves Botox injections. That’s right, the same material that has been used for years in plastic surgery to remove fine lines and wrinkles may also play a helpful role in controlling urge incontinence.

Essentially Botox paralyzes muscle. It was discovered that injecting small doses into the detrusor muscle of the bladder eliminated the feeling or “urge” signal thereby eliminating inappropriate contractions of the bladder. Taking away the urge takes away the incontinence.

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While this is a promising procedure there are a couple of drawbacks. Just like you need to go in for a refill to keep the wrinkles off your face, you have t have repeated injections of the detrusor as the Botox wears off. There is also some concern that the Botox may paralyze the entire bladder which of course would mean that a catheter would have to be used. Typically the Botox treatment lasts about four months.

So while there are natural treatments for urge incontinence, the search never ends to find better and more effective methods that can quickly control the condition.

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