The Different Versions of Solitaire

Lovers of solitaire game will be welcome to a wide variety of versions, meaning that they can try new ones whenever they like. The rules and layout of these versions vary from one to the other, and the players must make sure they learn them so that they can play the world solitaire game the right way to achieve the goal. Some of the versions available on the internet include:

• Klondike Solitaire
Made popular by Microsoft, this version comes with 52 cards that must be moved into the foundation by suit, starting with Ace to the King. Yukon is similar to this, but the cards will be dealt into 7 columns from the start of the game.

• Solitaire Tower
This versions consists of 52 cards that are arranged into a pyramid with 8 rows. Players are supposed to move the cards to the foundation, if:

o it is one greater or one lesser than the card that is displayed on the foundation, and
o It does not come with another card on top of it.

• Bristol Solitaire game
This version starts with 24 cards dealt in 8 rows of 3 cards each. The players are required to move the top card of the column. The card can only be moved to any other column, as long as the top card has a value one greater than the one the player is moving.

• Scorpion
Unlike other versions, there is no foundation in this, and players are required to arrange the cards into four columns of the same suit, from the King to the Ace.

• Fortress
This solitaire game starts with cards of the deck arranged in 10 rows. The players are allowed to move the top cards between the rows, only if the card has one value greater or lesser than the card in the column it is dropped into.

• Pyramid
In this game the players need to pair the cards that have rank to get 13. Once the pair has been attained, the cards will be removed so that the players make other pairs with the remaining cards.

• Free Cell
As one of the most popular card games, this version comes with 4 reserves and four foundations. The cards are randomly arranged in eight columns, and players are required to maneuver all of them in order to arrange them in the foundation.

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