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New York City Nightlife: What to Do After Dark

Daytime in NYC is fine. Everything is open, power is high, and the subway is (sorta) walking smoothly. Great. But as soon as work, your commute, and the stresses of your 9 to 5 have dimmed, once the solar goes down and the artificial lights come up, a special New York emerges.

Without the crowds and the commerce, the city comes alive after dusk — it blushes on its avenues, whispers on its bridges, grumbles in its bars, and roars in its clubs. Walkout onto the shadowy streets, and you’ll meet a region and human beings whose vibe and verve absolutely couldn’t exist except the cowl of darkness. New York’s identification emerges each night; a nocturnal every other half of every bit as vital to its identity as its business-hours alter ego.

So, for all and sundry looking for that restive energy, a glimpse at the face behind the shimmering day-to-day mask; for absolutely everyone who isn’t afraid of the shadows, right here is what to do after hours in NYC.

Swing through a semi-secret Loft

Greenwich Village

It’s challenging to hold a secret in NYC, however, the artist-run performing arts venue Secret Loft nonetheless feels like it’s a little below the radar. This summer’s upcoming events consist of burlesque performance, comedy show (replete with free pizza!), an aerial spectacular, an open mic, and an EP launch party. Time to ass some NYC strippers to your guys night out. This is the best way to party and bond with your friends.

See beachside fireworks

Relive the Fourth of July festivities Friday each nighttime at Coney Island from now until Labor Day. Make certain to take a look at out the excellent of the ancient boardwalk earlier than you ooh and aah at the sky sparklines.

Hear tunes beneath the stars

We’re right in the throes of a suitable warm summer, but once the solar begins to set you can relax out with sets with the aid of acts massive and small in parks all around town.

Watch films with a view

You can see free outdoor films all through the town all season long, however, the skyline view from Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park is peerless. Films screen Thursday evenings through August, so there’s nonetheless time to capture old and new classics before the summer’s end.

Strut your minutiae stuff

You comprehend you recognize it all, however, do strangers who may additionally have thinking they have been heading out for quiet night time at the bar only to discover themselves smack dab in the center of a trivialities extravaganza comprehend you comprehend it all? There are trivialities nights for all types citywide: Start at Professor Thom’s in Manhattan, B61 bar in Brooklyn, The Wolfhound in Queens, The Phunky Elephant in Staten Island, or The Bronx Beer Hall.

Bring a childhood birthday party staple nightside

There are lots of bowling alleys where you can knock ‘em down all over the city — but only one the place you can do it all nighttime long. Whitestone Bowling Alley is open 24 hours a day, each day. Outside, Whitestone appears to have been encased in amber in the 1960s. Inside looks… incredibly lots the same. But it gives the whole endeavor a little antique kitsch.

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