Steel Fabrication & Industrial Paint Companies – How to Select a Quality Paint Vendor

I have listed below the most relevant items you need to consider when selecting a paint vendor if you are a steel fabrication or industrial paint company.

1) Is the paint vendor / representative knowledgeable about your business or industry?

– I think this one of the most relevant points to consider. If you paint vendor doesn’t understand your industry or what you are trying to accomplish, this will put your company at a huge disadvantage. Here’s why. If you are a steel fabricator who focuses on production times over everything else, you might end up with a paint vendor who gives you very poor recommendations on coatings in relation to dry times. This will lead to poor productivity. Make sure your paint vendor understands what you are trying to accomplish as an organization and select one who already knows your industry. This will allow your operation to take advantage of the many paint & coatings on the market that allow you to better obtain your company goals.

2) In regards to pricing, does your paint vendor / representative have the knowledge about the appropriate pricing in regards to your industry?

-This point is also very important. You certainly don’t want your material cost to be so high that it throws your overall quote off enough to lose work. Make sure your paint vendor knows Industrial Paint the going pricing for paint & coatings within your industry. I’m not talking about a few dollars a gallon difference here. Many times when a paint representative sells to many different industries the pricing can be off by $20 to $30 a gallon. This can result in a huge increase in expense when it comes to acquiring your material for a selected job.

3) Does your paint vendor / representative always have an eye on increasing your overall productivity and increasing your company’s profitability?

-Yes, your paint vendor needs to have an eye on your business success. Having a paint & coatings expert available who takes care of your company is very important. With emerging paint technologies always coming out on the market, your paint vendor should be looking for coatings that increase your production times, decrease your overall material expense, and have business solutions that increase your profitability as a company. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, this will always trump a gallon price at the end of the day.

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