Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Explained in a Few Steps

You have had that particular thought at the back of your head for so long now. Every time you think of refacing kitchen cabinetry, something always crops up and changes your plans. It is time you acted, and acted first on your thoughts. Your kitchen cabinet refacing has not into effect for a long while and it is a real shame, since it could save you some serious money at the very least. In the context of this article, cost effective methods of refacing cabinets will be tackled. Cabinet Refacing

The materials used for refacing kitchen cabinets play a major role in getting the right end result. Poor quality materials will lead to a poorly refaced cabinetry while good quality assures you of good results.

To get a more elegant and fancier look, you will need to think out of the box when sourcing for materials. High quality materials are nothing if you lack in the right kitchen design. Proper trim molding will make your refaced kitchen cabinets look exquisite and custom made. Follow your designs to the letter and you will most definitely succeed.

Save all parts. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also save you the pain of going through shelves after shelves shopping for the right fittings and screws. Carelessly stored screws have a tendency of growing legs and finding their way to the drain. When your kitchen cabinet refacing project is underway, make sure you have a sealed container or a magnetic core by the side for these small parts.

Make labels on every kitchen cabinet door. If it is the first time you have dismantled your cabinets, it will be an uphill task trying to figure out what goes where. Have a masking tape and a marker pen for this. Label the parts in a sequential order from the first door to the last. This will save you from cutting new doors and completing your project later than you were planning to.

Use the right kitchen cabinet refacing cleaners and scrubs. You may need to remove tarnished finish and replace veneer where necessary. There are other areas of the cabinets, such as far corners, which no matter how hard you clean the dirt seems like it is glued. With the right scrubs and cleaners, you can be sure you will clean and not damage your cabinets.

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