Common Walk-In Cooler Malfunctions And How To Solve Them

If you own a commercial refrigerator or a walk-in cooler, you probably have experienced some malfunctions with your unit. But the question is, what do you do in case of such? In this article, we will be exploring the common malfunctions of walk-in coolers and how you can resolve them. Let’s get on with it.

Malfunction #1: The Power Is On, But The Control Board Doesn’t Display

In case you experience this issue, the most probable cause might be a blown fuse or a phase loss. Also, the power phase might be open, or the transformer could be shorted. Still, there could be a failure with the control board.

To fix this, you’ll need to check the wiring for breaks and replace the fuse if it is blown. You can also check the transformer output range or replace the control board in the cold storage room.

Malfunction #2: High Discharge Pressure

This issue could be caused by a dirty condenser coil, a nonfunctional fan, or the system might be overcharged with the refrigerant. To solve this, ensure that the walk-in cooler and the condenser coils are cleaned regularly. You can also check the fan motor and see if its electrical circuit is correct. You may also try to reclaim the excess refrigerant.

Malfunction #3: Big Difference Between Actual Storage Room Temperature And Set Point On The Control Panel

If you experience this, there could be an issue with the room temperature or the sensor contractor might be open. Also, it could be that the wire of the sensor placement is too long. To resolve this, try repositioning the sensing point of the temperature sensor. You can also try to reconnect the sensor or enlarge the wire section.

Malfunction #4: Control Board Is Displaying, But The Compressor Isn’t Running

If you have this issue with your walk-in cooler, it could be as a result of a tripped compressor relay or internal thermal overload. Also, the Hi-Lo pressure safety switch might be shut down of the coil or contractor might be defective.

To fix it, you should try to determine why the compressor relay is tripped and take the necessary action. Also, you can check the type and cause of the safety switch shutdown and fix it accordingly. Suppose the coil or contractor is defective, repair or replace it immediately.

There can be other malfunctions that you may experience with your walk-in cooler. The best way to solve them and know where the problem is is to talk to a professional walk-in cooler expert. Click Walk-In Freezers & Walk In Cooler Systems by American Walk-In Coolers to find the right walk-in cooler experts and learn more about the unit’s diagnosis.

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