How to Track Group Members In WhatsApp in Real Time

The latest feature that was added in WhatsApp allows users to track their friends who are members of the same group, in real time. It was to be expected since the company has been working on new features that were introduced in the beta version of the application for Android.

Soon, WhatsApp users will be able to revoke and edit sent messages on the Android version, as these features have already been tested on the iPhone beta version. It seems that the option to revoke/recall a message already appeared in WhatsApp version 2.17.25 and 2.17.26, which will allow users who change their mind after hitting Send, to revoke the message. In order to revoke a sent message, users will long press on it, but this will work only if the recipient hasn’t read the message yet. After that, they can edit text and resend it.

Aside from the recall/edit feature, WhatsApp is preparing another new feature. Users have reported that version 2.16.399 (Android) and (iOS) have introduced Live Location Tracking, and this feature does exactly what its name suggests. If you are part whatsapp group link kerala of a group with many members, you can track them in real time, but even if this is some kind of stalking, this feature comes in handy when you’re meeting with someone at a certain location and you don’t know where it is. You can choose to track your friends for one minute, two minutes, more minutes or indefinitely, but if you don’t want your friends to know where you are at a given moment, you can disable the live streaming option.

If you install the latest version of WhatsApp for any of the two major platforms, you’ll see that the live location feature is disabled by default, and in order to benefit from it, you will need to enable it. At some point, Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, has allowed users to find close-by friends, but eventually, the Nearby Friends was removed due to users’ privacy concerns.

Whatsapp, now owned by Facebook, has been announcing and launching many changes of late. Recently, Whatsapp announced camera features and looks like the messenger app has finally begun to roll out updates with the new features.

While the updates are just for Android users presently, they are soon expected to be rolled out to iOS users too. The updates bring some fun and quirky elements to Whatsapp and let users experience a better camera experience.

Bring Good Coffee Home With Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn coffee makers have managed to establish their irreplaceable value in the coffee making world. Bunn-O-Matic Corp., the company behind the excellent beverage-making appliances for use at home or in the office, is one of the household names in coffee making.

Backed by a long history marked with great innovations since 1957, the company is now known for a wide variety of products such as coffee makers and accessories such as filters and carafes. In fact, the company was the first who fashioned paper filters, which came to be one of their most memorable inventions.

Why You Can Trust Bunn Coffee Makers

A lot of businesses, such as restaurants and coffee houses, are using Bunn coffee machines. They also have a number of great products designed specifically for homemakers, but their captured market remains to be the commercial coffee making segment. Nonetheless, homemakers are inspired to get Bunn coffee machines for their households with the idea of bringing great café-made coffee right into their homes.

This is because Bunn’s products are Bear naked brew widely popular due to its popular association with great-tasting coffee. Another rationale behind making the Bunn choice is that Bunn coffee makers are also long-lasting. Their models are mostly made from stainless steel. This will make your Bunn coffee brewing machine your longtime coffee making companion, and it will serve you many cups of good coffee on mornings beyond your count.

And to help your machine last longer, take good care of it and perform maintenance checks from time to time to give your coffee that great, brand new taste every time. And best of all the reasons why Bunn coffee machines will make good additions to any home, office, or restaurant is that it uses a great and unique brewing system that stays true to the real coffee brewing process.

Bunn coffee machines have a reservoir of water, which they heat up to a pre-programmed level perfect for coffee brewing. The water is then sprayed over ground coffee until the 3-minute brewing time passes, and voila! The result is great coffee whose taste is extracted from the true flavor of the coffee grounds – coffee you’ll surely love!

Options and Modern Portfolio Theory

It’s not surprising. It used to be all the talk amongst the financial egghead group. But now, the dawdling masses are catching on. Not many stock or option investors know about the investment theory that won a Nobel Prize in 1991. Nor do they know about a landmark study that showed that over 90% of the returns on an investment portfolio comes from how- not what- you own in your portfolio.

That’s right. Not the hot picks, top rated or whatever system stock picker gurus use. While most “lay” stock and option investors watch the flash- bang of Wall Street marketing, the buttoned down mathematicians and portfolio managers quietly put the new theory to use. There’s probably a good reason why most investors don’t know about this remarkable study and the importance of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). You see, there is a huge industry dedicated to telling you how to invest and what to buy.

MPT is a major tool for professional investment managers and this fact might also be another factor that keeps it mostly invisible to the average retail customer. Up until recently, the the big bang theory sophisticated Nobel Prize winning strategy needed somebody with an MBA or PHD to implement the strategy. But now the tools needed are accessible and easy to use for almost any non-egghead stock or options investor.

Modern Portfolio Theory for Newbies

In a nut shell, MPT says that to minimize investment risk and optimize portfolio returns, close attention needs to be paid to the proper balance of asset classes within a portfolio. This is not to be confused with asset diversification. Asset class means types of investments with varying correlations. For example, you don’t want too many investments that move together in sync. That’s O.K when the market is going up and positions are long. But if things turn dicey, closely correlated investments all go down together; eggs in the same basket sort of thing. Investment asset diversification only pretends to give that sort of protection. Having different asset classes with varying correlations in a portfolio does. The important thing is that varying correlation promotes lower overall risk which helps allows an investor to add some kick to the portfolio and boost total returns.

More kick in your portfolio

Listen to this: a study done by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange demonstrated that a portfolio with as much as 20% of investment assets in futures and options yielded up to 50% more than a portfolio limited to low and moderate risk investments.

7 Essential Things To Look For When Choosing a Naturopathic Practitioner

It can be confusing for the general public to find a Naturopathic Practitioner that will have the knowledge and clinical expertise that is required to treat their health problems and help them prevent future disease. So what’s the best way to find a practitioner that you can put your trust in?

Answering the following 7 questions may help you to choose the best Naturopathic Practitioner to help you achieve optimum health, high vitality and disease prevention:

1) Is the Naturopath Well-Qualified?

Well-trained Naturopaths are usually proud to display their credentials in their clinic; on their business cards and/or on their website so be cautious of those that do not include these details publicly because chances are they won’t have many qualifications to display. In addition, find out if they only obtained their credentials from a correspondence course or whether they physically attended lectures and student clinics on campus. Ask if they also have university health science degrees or similar university degrees in addition to their naturopathic college qualifications as university study in the science field is incomparable to a basic advanced diploma in naturopathy, which unfortunately is all many Australian Naturopaths have. integrated wellness clinic Also, find out if they have provider numbers with all of the major health funds. If they do – this can be a sign that they have the appropriate qualifications (although not always) but if they don’t have provider numbers it means their credentials do not meet the minimum standards required by the health insurance companies which should be a red flag to not consult them for health advice.

2) Have They Only Recently Graduated?

If the Naturopath has only recently graduated from college or university they would lack the clinical experience that may be necessary to be truly effective practitioners. Do you really want to be their guinea pig? It can often take several years of clinical experience to develop the necessary expertise to identify the underlying causes of people’s health problems and to know which the best treatments are to resolve each condition. The same applies to other forms of health care too – from medical doctors and dentists through to physiotherapists. I wouldn’t want a newly graduated surgeon operating on my body the same as I wouldn’t want advice from a health practitioner – naturopathic or otherwise – if they lacked the clinical experience.

3) Are They a ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None?

Does the Naturopath specialise in a few areas of health or are they trying to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’? Some practitioners will try to treat everything from heart disease and cancer through to autism, skin problems and childhood illnesses but, chances are, they won’t have the required knowledge to treat any condition very well. It’s just not humanly possible to keep up with the latest research in every aspect of health so it would be best to find a naturopath that specialised in the fields of health that you are seeking help with, rather than a ‘general’ Naturopathic practitioner. For example, I specialise in women’s health and these days I only consult in the following areas: Mental health (and the underlying causes), fatigue, hormonal problems, digestive system problems and auto-immune disease. It’s always best to consult a practitioner that is skilled in the areas of health you need help with as it’s more likely they will be reading the latest scientific data and text books on these particular problems and attending seminars and conferences that are specifically related to these issues. The practitioner should also be able to draw upon years of clinical experience in the fields they practice in – which means you should benefit from their clinical insights.

4) Do They Keep Up With the Latest Research?

Following on from the last section, the science is changing all the time in the health field so it’s vital that Naturopaths keep up to date with the latest research in the fields they practice in, for the best possible treatment outcomes for their patients. However, Naturopaths also need to try and keep updated on what’s happening in pathology testing (in case there’s a cutting-edge test that their patients should know about) and in pharmacology – to ensure they have advanced knowledge of potential medicine or supplement interactions. A practitioner may be well-qualified and have years of clinical experience but if they do not take their work seriously enough and fail to attend annual seminars and don’t read the relevant health industry journals on a regular basis – then they probably won’t achieve high success rates with the treatment of disease in their patients.

5) Do They Practice What They Preach?

Does the Naturopath have a normal weight? Great skin? Are they hardly ever sick? Do they have high energy levels? If they are over 40, do they look young for their age? If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, it may be a sign that the Naturopath is passionate about living a healthy life and is more likely to be practising what they preach. I don’t mean to sound harsh but why would you trust someone with your health unless they were actively seeking excellent health themselves and were following the naturopathic health philosophy?

6) Are They Familiar With Clinical Pathology Testing and How To Interpret Your Results?

If the Naturopath doesn’t have a thorough knowledge of the pathology tests available from the various labs and what the tests are able to identify, they would lack the necessary skills that are essential to resolve their patient’s health problems. It is equally important that the Naturopath knows how to interpret those results for the patient and that they are aware of the most effective treatments, based on the test results provided.

Careers in Health Psychology

Psychological health has gained recognition in the last fifteen years or so after stress and mental illness rates have reportedly been on the rise. Public awareness of mental health is also increasing as people are taking an interest in the psychological aspects of how the mind reacts to coping with stress or illness. Health psychology, a relatively new field, has gained momentum as patients are looking to gain insight into the way their mind works, and how it affects their body systems. Stress is known to cause physical symptoms such as high-blood pressure and digestive upset and is a leading contributor to heart disease.

Health psychologists work with patients to reduce stress and increase well-being using a variety of methods. Health psychologists differ from other psychologists in the sense that they use the bio-psychosocial model to focus on addressing how biology, psychological issues and social issues influence health.

Clinical psychologists mainly focus on preventing psychological distress; cognitive psychologists are aimed at understanding mental processes; developmental psychologists study psychological changes over a lifetime; and social psychologists focus on how behaviors are influenced by other people. Health psychologists take into account all of the above, but also take into consideration disease prevention, the mind-body connection and even issues pertaining to why patients sometimes make self -destructive choices.

Becoming a health psychologist ISO 45013 requires an education in psychology, combined with knowledge of the body and health in general. If a student is interested in pursuing a career in health psychology, it is first necessary to go to a regionally accredited college to earn a bachelor’s degree. Majoring in psychology is recommended, and it is useful to take elective courses such as abnormal psychology, social psychology, behavioral therapy, and community psychology in combination with an internship or work experience in a psychological or health setting.

Obtaining a master’s degree is also recommended as it furthers the level of expertise in health psychology. While pursuing health psychology in graduate school, numerous opportunities are available to gain knowledge and professionalism through practicum, internship and supervised research endeavors.

Nifty Groomsmen Gift Ideas

As a man, you have never been particularly good at shopping. Now that you are getting married, you are faced with the prospect of buying gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding party. What’s worse is the fact that men are very hard to buy gifts for. It’s no small feat, but if you want to show your appreciation to the men who will stand by you on your big day, you need to come up with groomsmen gift ideas and fast!

Show It, Don’t Say It.

Nobody knows how the tradition of giving gifts to groomsmen started. Some say it can be attributed to the medieval custom of knights giving tokens to faithful squires. Groomsmen provide the groom physical, emotional, and moral support. Though the best groomsmen gift ideas can’t surpass the support your groomsmen can give, they are a nice way of saying thank you. Remember that groomsmen gift ideas should be masculine and useful. Men are more appreciative of gifts with tangible values.

Go Traditional!

Practical groomsmen gift ideas include flasks, cuff links, handkerchiefs, and pocket watches. If you are fairly traditional and conservative, then these are the best groomsmen gift ideas for you. And in keeping with that tradition, all gifts should be the same. So if you have five groomsmen, you will have to purchase five identical sets of cuff links.

Make It Personal.

If traditional isn’t your style, who’s to say groomsmen gift ideas that you can’t break from the mold? There’s nobody stopping you from adding a personal touch to your groomsmen gift ideas.

You can opt for a watch money clip. This is a very attractive and convenient way of storing cash. Grooming kits can also be very good personal groomsmen gift ideas. You may take your pick from haircutting, shaving, and manicure kits. Some other great personal groomsmen gift ideas are watch accessory cases, cutlery, golf accessories, tools, and car accessories. Engraving is the best way to personalize your groomsmen gift ideas.

You don’t have to buy the same gift for every one of your groomsmen, but rather, you can choose a gift perfect for each personality. The perfect groomsmen gift ideas for the scholarly man are limited editions of certain books, with personal notes written inside. A music lover would greatly appreciate CDs of his favorite artists or a personalized iTunes playlist for his iPod. Season tickets to basketball, football, or hockey events are appropriate groomsmen gift ideas for the sports buff. Oh, and a golf enthusiast will surely appreciate a certificate for 18 holes at the nearest golf course.

When in Doubt, Subscribe.

Possibly one of the best groomsmen gift ideas are magazine subscriptions. You should know your groomsmen well enough to determine which publications they can appreciate. If your groomsman is not into reading, a subscription to his favorite channel should do the trick.

The Different Versions of Solitaire

Lovers of solitaire game will be welcome to a wide variety of versions, meaning that they can try new ones whenever they like. The rules and layout of these versions vary from one to the other, and the players must make sure they learn them so that they can play the world solitaire game the right way to achieve the goal. Some of the versions available on the internet include:

• Klondike Solitaire
Made popular by Microsoft, this version comes with 52 cards that must be moved into the foundation by suit, starting with Ace to the King. Yukon is similar to this, but the cards will be dealt into 7 columns from the start of the game.

• Solitaire Tower
This versions consists of 52 cards that are arranged into a pyramid with 8 rows. Players are supposed to move the cards to the foundation, if:

o it is one greater or one lesser than the card that is displayed on the foundation, and
o It does not come with another card on top of it.

• Bristol Solitaire game
This version starts with 24 cards dealt in 8 rows of 3 cards each. The players are required to move the top card of the column. The card can only be moved to any other column, as long as the top card has a value one greater than the one the player is moving.

• Scorpion
Unlike other versions, there is no foundation in this, and players are required to arrange the cards into four columns of the same suit, from the King to the Ace.

• Fortress
This solitaire game starts with cards of the deck arranged in 10 rows. The players are allowed to move the top cards between the rows, only if the card has one value greater or lesser than the card in the column it is dropped into.

• Pyramid
In this game the players need to pair the cards that have rank to get 13. Once the pair has been attained, the cards will be removed so that the players make other pairs with the remaining cards.

• Free Cell
As one of the most popular card games, this version comes with 4 reserves and four foundations. The cards are randomly arranged in eight columns, and players are required to maneuver all of them in order to arrange them in the foundation.

Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors are excellent for providing you with easy and convenient access to your garage, while providing your valuables with ample security. There are many different styles and building materials to choose from, thus giving you the opportunity to find the perfect door to fit with any decor for your home.

Roll up garage doors are available both for commercial and residential applications. The commercial garage doors tend to be very expensive as they are built to deal with industrial conditions. As a result they are built to tolerate the high traffic that may be associated with the opening and closing of the garage doors up to 100 times a day, also they are made strong enough to prevent damage from any object bumping into the door. Residential doors on the other hand are not designed to be so resilient and hence are a lot cheaper. They will normally be able to tolerate you opening and closing to the door up to 10 times and day. However unlike the commercial doors you are more than likely to receive a dent or suffer complete damage if something were to run into it.

It is very important that you take into consideration the climatic conditions and the size of your garage when choosing a door. As a result if you live in an area that is mostly sunny, you may want to choose a door that will keep the heat out and the same thing rule applies if your area is also mostly cold. Insulated roll up doors are available to grant you this option. Knowing the precise measurement for your garage door will save you any unnecessary waste in cash, as making adjustments to garage doors already purchased can be very expensive.

There are two main types of garage doors, the section roll up and the rolling steel roll up. The sectional roll up door has at least four horizontal panels which are so designed to roll up together on a track into the ceiling of garage for storage. The rolling steel roll up door on the other hand rolls up to the area above the garage door opening for storage. The latter door design is more applicable commercially, however due to its trendy style it has been made available on the residential market.

Roll up doors for your garage are made form wood, fibreglass, steel or aluminium. Wood is only used to make sectional roll up garage doors and may provide some insulation properties. Wood roll up doors may need to be painted or stained every couple of years. Fiberglass is also only used to make sectional roll up doors. This material though very attractive, is the most fragile and hence can be easily damaged if something were to run or bump into it. Steel is used to make both types of roll up doors. Due to the strength of steel, these doors are able to resist extreme damage probably obtaining just scratch as a result of being hit or bumped by anything. Aluminium used to make sectional doors. It doesn’t have the strength of the steel but is much stronger than the fibreglass. All doors must be inspected every year to ensure proper operation of moving parts.Cua cuon duc

Benefits of As Seen On TV Products

As Seen On TV – What’s It All About?

Many TV stations carry infomercials that offer great bargains on the most innovative items. These are often referred to “As Seen on TV”, a phrase that has come to identify a plethora of useful products. The attractions of these goods are their unique use. Some of these items are resold to regular markets under the label “As Seen on TV”.

A Market For Gadgetry

Although some items displayed in As Seen On TV infomercials fall into the category of gadgetry, they’re helpful and handy for small and large jobs around the home or office. Products include complete paint kits designed to avoid spatters. Brushes and pads reach into corners for a neat, even finish. It works well for interior or exterior paint jobs. Other items have become popular. These include portable hand warmers, a brownie baking pan with a separator grid to bake perfectly even brownies and a grid to bake a “checkerboard” cake. Another very useful product seen on TV is a set of brushes to clean tile and grout. Its answers the problem of keeping bathroom and kitchen grout and tile sparkling clean. The reasonably priced product really works. It makes light work of a tedious job. There’s a market for products seen on TV especially among Do-It-Yourself individuals and the budget-conscious.

Something For Everyone

There’s a product seen on TV for everyone including toddlers. The most recent is a dish that’s 100% spill-proof. It’s ingenious for use as a toddler’s cereal bowl, for snacks, lunch or dinner. Men love the handy trimmer for their mustaches and beards or just to trim their hairline for a neater appearance. Another popular item is a colorless filler that erases scratches and dings on automobiles. It blends easily with any color automobile paint scheme. The dent remover for autos literally makes small dents disappear. It’s a simple piece of equipment with a large suction cup on one end and a hand grip on the other.

Ladies love the hair implements sold on TV. They create a number of different hairstyles with one simple hair form. Among other favorite products for the ladies are time-saving kitchen colanders with a dual service as a serving dish for pasta, spatter screens that prevent burns and fit over any size pot or pan, vertical roasters, combination food processor and blender units as well as dual vacuum and floor steam cleaners.

Generic sildamax- an Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Zenegra Generic sildamax prescription drug is manufactured by Alkem in India. Zenegra Generic sildamax is indicated as Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence Treatment.

sildamax is the brand name of Pfizer pharmaceutical company and Zenegra is also the brand name that we have for generic sildamax (sildenafil citrate). The active ingredients are the same in both Zenegra Generic sildamax and sildamax therefore Zenegra generic sildamax works the same way as sildamax.

Zenegra – generic sildamax and sildamax ® (Pfizer) both consist of 100 mg of sildenafil citrate. Zenegra Generic sildamax are simply generic versions of sildamax ®. Zenegra – Generic sildamax, is the chemical equivalent of sildamax ®.

Just like any generic pharmaceutical, Zenegra Generic sildamax are less expensive than the brand name equivalent sildamax . The reason that you can buy Zenegra generic sildamax for less at a online drugstore is that you don’t pay for branding, marketing, advertising or a costly sales force or overhead. The cost savings are past directly on to you.

What People say: sildamax ebay

“Well, I bought some Zenegra Generic <a href=””>sildamax ebay</a> sildamax . The price was very cheap. This is the first time I buy Zenegra generic sildamax online. It works just the same as sildamax. It has the same active ingredient. I won’t buy sildamax anymore, Zenegra Generic sildamax is fine for me and much cheaper

Remember that no medicine is for everyone, there are risks involved. If you use nitrate drugs, often used to control chest pain (also known as angina), don’t takeZenegra generic sildamax. This interaction combination could cause your blood pressure to drop to an unsafe or life-threatening level. Be sure to ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.
For most patients, the recommended medication doses for Zenegra generic sildamax is 50 mg taken, as needed, approximately 1 hour before sexual activity. However, Zenegra generic sildamax may be taken anywhere from 4 hours to 0.5 hour before sexual activity. Based on effectiveness and toleration, the Zenegra generic sildamax doses may be increased to a maximum recommended dose of 100 mg or decreased to 25 mg. The maximum recommended dosing frequency for zenegra generic sildamax is once per day.

Side effects are more likely to occur with higher drug doses of Zenegra generic sildamax . It’s best to start with the lowest pill dosage of Zenegra generic sildamax. Some common Zenegra generic sildamax side effects are headache, flushing of the face, and upset stomach. Less common Zenegra generic sildamax side effects that may occur are temporary changes in color vision (such as trouble telling the difference between blue and green objects or having a blue color tinge to them), eyes being more sensitive to light, or blurred vision. In extremely rare instances, men may have an genital erection that lasts many hours. You should call a medical doctor near you immediately if you ever have an erection that lasts more than four hours. Zenegra Generic sildamax prescription drug may cause other side effects besides those listed in Zenegra generic sildamax side effects.