5 Copywriting Ideas to Grow Your Business

There are many, many experts when it comes to copywriting and I have studied many of their offerings. The message is the same, you need to hone your skills to catch the attention of the reader. You are reading this article right now, so what enticed you to read further?
Copywriting is how you draw your audience into your message. People read the headline first before taking a look at your first sentence.
Here are 5 guidelines to help you move through the copywriting process. These ideas are taken from the experts and are not the only thing you need to do to hone your skills.

    1. Write a headline that draws in the reader. The headline should contain one or two keywords or phrases for your topic. These keywords should be the ones where there is a heavy search for the term. My headline for this article contains the keyword copywriting. This is because I want people with an interest in copywriting to read my article and apply what I have to say. The bigger question is how do you know the type of headline to use? You have likely seen Headline Hacks floating around the internet, if not, do a search and I am sure you will find a copy. Basically your headline iterates what your audience wants to know. Here we are presenting 5 Ideas. Numbers work well with headlines, this way the reader knows they are expecting to read 5 items that may or may not help their needs. The headline also should contain words that imply a result if the article is read. I used “Grow Your Business” as the key term. Headlines could be “How to” do something that “solves a problem” or perhaps “What to do when” something happens to you. The important part is that you are Keywords Copywriting in Essex offering something that solves a common problem. Note that I used common problem. If you are an expert in a specialty area, you could solve a problem that is unique to what you have to offer.


    1. Write the first sentence to further draw in your audience. The goal of the first sentence is to get the reader to the next sentence. The idea here is to get the reader to agree with what you have to say. I stated a fact to get you to agree with me. I also established why you would want to read this article.The point of the first sentence is to offer a fact for agreement and push the reader to the next sentence.


    1. Write the second sentence and possible third sentence should confirm what the reader already knows and perhaps ask a question. The goal? To move the reader to continue reading the rest of the article.What types of questions could you ask of your audience?


  1. The body of the article should deliver what you stated in the headline. Here I am presenting 5 ideas and I have numbered them because I want you to know that there are 5 items to read or scan.The body should also contain ideas that can be put to use immediately. After all, you want your reader to take action and use what you have to say. Unfortunately, many articles describe what to do and miss the how to do it part. Sometimes this is on purpose so that you buy products or services, so be aware of what you are reading.The how to do it can be tricky if you are describing something very complicated. Think about your article as an introduction to a topic and you are showing your audience how it works and how it is easy to do for themselves. All copywriting does not have to be about sales, it needs to be about keeping attention of the audience.


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