Extended Maternity Leave Pay in Case of Delivery Complications

Extended Maternity Leave Pay in Case of Delivery Complications

During childbirth, the delivery may not always go as smoothly as hoped. A mother can be injured during delivery when a birth accident occurs. Luckily there is a way to protect your income during this time so you can focus on your recovery without the worry. And best of all it comes with a built in incentive to apply before getting pregnant: m Cream Chargers Delivery aternity leave income for your normal delivery.

The main birth injuries and disorders that might affect you include:

Postpartum hemorrhage – excessive bleeding after delivery that is difficult to stem

Uterine inversion – when the placenta does not detach completely after delivery

Uterine rupture – when the uterus ruptures during labor

Vaginal tears and lacerations – tears in the vagina or cervix

Postpartum infections – when wounds from tearing or c-section surgery become infected

Many working women are concerned about what might happen if they experience delivery complications and need to extend their maternity leave longer than projected. Saving up for maternity leave is difficult enough, without the extra burden of unplanned time away from the job. Plus, if you are injured during delivery, or develop a postpartum disorder, you may not be healthy enough to care for yourself. This may mean additional costs for in-home care.

Think about the consequences to you and your family if you experienced one or more of these conditions during your delivery. Could you afford the extended time away from work? Would you be able to cover the extra expense of a nurse’s aide or other in home care provider?

Short Term Disability Insurance is a great way to protect your income in case delivery complications cause you to miss more than the standard six weeks of work for normal delivery. It replaces up to 2/3 of your income during the time you are unable to work for your expected and planned maternity leave. Plus, benefits may continue to be paid if your delivery complications require you to extend your maternity leave due to a medical reason.

Incentives to Protect your Income

Short Term Disability Insurance not only protects your income in case of delivery complications, it gives you an incentive to do so – it pays benefits for your normal labor and delivery – a planned event. Act at the right time, before getting pregnant, and make the policy work for you.

Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition and will not be covered if you apply for coverage after you are already pregnant. Your policy must begin before getting pregnant in order to be eligible for these benefits.

Short term disability covers a normal vaginal delivery for six weeks, and a normal c-section delivery for eight weeks. Your benefit for a normal c-section delivery may greatly exceed the premium you pay over the course of twelve months, helping you to create maternity leave income.

Example of Maternity Leave Income


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